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The Spirit of Boogie!

It is my pleasure to present to you the brilliant, the baddest and the downright craziest 11 piece funk mega band this universe has ever seen!

Hailing from South Wales valleys, these incredibly talented musicians will take your pub,club or party on a journey through their huge set of the greatest songs from the golden era of Funk, once performed by such amazing acts as Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic to name but a choice few.

Always with them is the legendary DJ Martini Alan, the undisputed Funk spinning DJ Master armed with his booming sound system. He'll get the crowd warmed up early with his funky beats and keep everyone dancing long into the night!

The Spirit of Boogie needs no introduction, they are the bozo family of spaced out mothers intent on shifting your brains getting your booty down on the floor! So now you need to ask yourself the question, IS IT TIME TO BOOOOOOGIE??

If you've got the Spirit and you can't wait until the next gig, gather around and read the harrowing tales of how these rag tag mothers came to find each other, then finally become The Spirit of Boogie!

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